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Lasting a Lifetime...Minus Forever

. . . this is as pretty as »-death-> gets . . .

14 February
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Im obsessed with my music, couldn't live without it. Same with my friends, they're them, they're me, they're the greatest.
What's up mutha-truckas! This is Anne. When I'm not drawing or writing I occupy my time by hangin out with my friends, listening to kick-dick music and doing "unheard of" stupid shit that always ends up memorable. In between I occasionally find time to party.I've been really into music my whole life, I've grown into my own beat...what does that mean? It means i like what i like, not what you do. I like writing poems and spilling my own twisted thoughts out on paper: it keeps me sane.Through my art i escape into my own little world and all that surrounds me is the pencil and the paper, a clean slate every time that i can recreate and erase as many times as needed, all the while coming up with something people seem to appreciate even without feeling the same way about it as i do...they get it in their own mind which is good enough for me. I feel I'm making something positive out of something negative.

"Fuck this so called destiny your life's based on, write you own fate. He who bases their life on someone else's faith never lives nor dies because he was never truely alive to begin with."


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My life is rated NC-17.
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